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Putnam Wedge

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If you work at a desk, the Putnam Wedge is a simple solution for your inevitable back problems! The Putnam Wedge adapts a horizontal seat to an 11 degree angle: this gently rocks the pelvis forward on the hips, taking the strain off the lower back. The Putnam Wedge is upholstered in our new exclusive grip-right velour material which prevents slipping.

The Putnam Wedge is molded for comfort and comes with a carrying handle.

  • Helps encourage better posture.
  • Light weight to carry / travel with.
  • Pelvic support and comfort.
  • Eases arthritis pain.
  • Can be used in any chair i.e wheelchair, car, sofa, office

   British Made.

Includes removable cover in either; Black, Blue, Grey or Beige.

Dimensions: 40cm x 37.5cm x 14cm (16'' x 14¾'' x 5½'')

2 Year Guarantee.