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Memory Foam Coccyx Wedge
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Memory Foam Coccyx Wedge

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The Memory Foam Coccyx Wedge incorporates the style and design of the Putnams Coccyx wedge but has the added luxury of our high quality memory foam. The coccyx cut out results in the redistribution of pressure away from the base of the spine to the remaining seating contact area. The slope of the wedge, promotes good posture whilst seated, which in turn should reduce back pain and discomfort. After in house pressure testing and looking at the angles of the wedge, we have selected a highly supportive orthopaedic foam that maintains the slope of the wedge and offers great comfort.

   British Made.

This product comes complete with a two year guaranty and is available in our luxury velour material that comes in four different colours.

  • Eases pressure on the base of the spine.
  • Helps encourage better posture.
  • Light weight to carry / travel with.
  • Pelvic support and comfort.
  • Eases arthritis pain.
  • Can be used in any chair i.e wheelchair, car, sofa, office

Ideal for:

Coccyx injury, post back / spinal injury, scoliosis, osteoporosis, coccyx-bruising, protecting the bottom of spine against pressure sores, post hip surgery, arthritis pain, travel, pilonidal sinus pain associated with pregnancy, damaged discs/facet joints in lower back.


11 Degree: 36cm x 36cm x 9.5cm

**Also available with no coccyx cut out.